Today’s comment on the Mybloglog Product Blog

July 8, 2010

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I’ll be posting this to the Yahoo developer blog, right after I get done proofreading it, in response to their “Mybloglog?” post. Yes, that’s its title, and the question mark seems fitting. My comment: “Is it, indeed, closing down?” Today, it doesn’t seem to be, but somebody does seem to want to kill it. Remember […]

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Playing Favorites? / Repost from Chicago Photography

June 17, 2010

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Some of you might have noticed that the same photograph by Kymberly Janisch has graced the homepage for this group for some time, and maybe wondered if that was fair. Shouldn’t I rotate that image some more, and maybe give a little added exposure for the other members of the group, as well? In fact, […]

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Mybloglog closure and Yahoo’s blog – a little subtler than the usual sleaze?

January 14, 2010

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Let’s start by repeating what I posted to the Yahoo developer network blog in response to the mention of the possibility of Mybloglog being closed by Yahoo, because nobody quite saw it on that blog, other than me: “Mr.Yeh, let me tell you how this looks from a user’s point of view. I’ve just invested […]

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A Little Paranoia is a Healthy Thing / Formerly on Just In

October 4, 2009

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Originally published on “Just In: Joseph Dunphy’s Newsblog / Connecting to Digg” on February 16, 2008. The post begins: “Yet another blog from he who could fill out the ones he already has a lot more? Perhaps, but like any good would-be engineer, I’m being cautious. Well nourished and in good spirits as I enjoy […]

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Reply to Larry Halff / Ma.gnolia

September 30, 2009

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A discussion (of sorts) between a user (me) and the owner of a service (Larry Halff of Ma.gnolia) on that service’s homegroup on Flickr: Me, five days ago: “I was wondering if anybody else was having this problem. I recently got my invitation message to join the new Ma.gnolia – which is very cool – […]


Rebuttal to some Yelp Bashing

September 22, 2009

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Note: I’ve deleted a small amount of profanity that was present in the material I’ve quoted, replacing it with roughly synonymous nonprofanity in parantheses, because I’ve decided to move toward making my own pages a little more family friendly. No profanity softening was present in the original text. I posted the following response to this […]

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Vox / How does one add a photo to a group?

September 19, 2009

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Yes, it’s a general question, but looking in the help center, I found nothing very helpful, and I’ve already burned away more than an hour on this nonsense. Honestly, I’m starting to get a little angry, after a while. This should be a straightforward function on Vox, and it isn’t. Should I post this to […]

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