New Technorati Claim Post / Originally Posted to Yahoo 360

Posted on July 2, 2009


“This post claim is purely a matter of telling a little personal history, my telling anybody who is curious about such things where the original location of Monday Never Comes was; I have no current plans to make further use of this blog. The very fact that this journal’s relocation to Blogger predates its’ current name should be reason enough; this relocation has been a done deed for so long that that my blog has established an identity for itself over on another company’s diskspace. To the extent that anybody has heard of my blog, they are far likelier to have heard of my 360 blog by having encountered my place at Blogger than the reverse. My counter at 360 has slowed to a crawl, and any return on my part to 360 would now be the kind of disruptive site relocation of which I’ve written, undertaken for no clear purpose.

If you would like to see more blog posts from me, you can find them through either my or Technorati Profile, though you’ll probably do better with the former, as a few locations (eg. Tribe, Livespaces) have proved unclaimable on Technorati. I can also be found at The Abyss on StumbleUpon. See you over there.”

Note: The blog I spoke of in this post (first seen Monday, May 19 2008 at 3:34 pm Chicago time) was my 360 blog, not “Mostly Evil”, the blog you’re reading right now, which I intended to keep going indefinitely.

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